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In Africa, a lot of lives have been lost from wars fueled by cultural and religious differences. The toll of deaths and human casualties continues to rise. In Nigeria alone, about many human lives have been lost while millions of people have been displaced.

- One of the root causes of under development in Africa is cultural bias and ethnicity making it possible for corrupt and inept leadership to thrive. Corrupt leaders also find it convenient to utilize these differences as a tool for further under developing the people.

- At the core of our belief is that there are no real differences among peoples, no real boundaries only opportunities for collaboration. The Foundation for Cross Cultural Development strives to unite people through cross cultural understanding and by working together to achieve socio economic development and the upliftment of the community.

How do we achieve this?

- The Foundation for Cross Cultural Development(FOCROSSD) achieves its mission by educating people in order to empower them to defeat cultural bias, advocating a change in behavior  through communication campaigns and intervening to provide solutions or amelioration especially in poor communities.

- Currently FOCROSSD operates a Hunger reduction program, a capacity Building Program which includes a primary education intervention and a Behavior Change Communication Programme.